Reporting on Jobs for Nature progress

Progress on the allocation of funding and enabling employment through the programme will now be reported quarterly. You can find the statistics from the latest reporting period here.

Additional programme features may be added to the reporting as they become available over the life of the programme.

On reported figures

The data is from the most recent reporting period available, provided by the delivery agencies.

Previous quarter's employment figures may change as more reporting is submitted.

Please note, a small portion of the reported outputs may be attributable to other funding sources.

Reporting employment metrics

The Government has recently introduced new employment metrics to ensure consistent reporting and comparison of employment across all of the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Funding (CRRF) job creation initiatives, including Jobs for Nature.

These metrics focus on hours worked across the programme, the total number of people who are or have been employed through a Jobs for Nature funded project, and the number of people who are currently employed.